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Installation Guide

How far do I need to mount my fireplace below my flat screen TV?

We recommend 8 - 15 inches of
clearance for Latitude & Gloria Built-in Series Fireplace to hanging your TV.

Where can I find installation instructions or detailed spec sheets?

You can find all the info need for your LiteDeer Fireplace in the manual that came with your unit. If you are missing or misplaced your manual, simply go to the product page of the unit you have on our website where you can find the manual and spec sheet under the specifications tab.

The unit shuts off when I turn the heat on. Why?

Usually this happens when the current draw on your outlet is too high. If you have multiple appliances plugged into the same outlet as your fireplace, try unplugging the other appliances. If it still shuts off, try running your fireplace on a separate outlet that is not inline with the one previously being used.

We recommend separate your Litedeer Electric Fireplace to using the outlet, do not combine with other appliances.

My LiteDeer Electric fireplace heater does not turn on or keeps shutting off. Why?

This unit has a thermostat used to measure ambient air temperature. Be sure you set the thermometer to the unit's always on setting if you wish to have continuous heat.

The heater on my Latitude / Gloria series electric fireplace doesn't work. Why?

Check to make sure the heat switch on your fireplace is turned on. Please read the user guide for more info.

How do I arrange the natural stone and driftwood logs together in my fireplace?

Yes, our electric fireplaces are designed to. You can arrange the natural stone and driftwood logs in any manner that you wish.

Smart Fireplace Set Up

Litedeer Homes Electric Fireplace smart home technology is available on Latitude, Gloria and Marie Series only. The Latitude, Gloria and Marie Smart Electric Fireplace is powered by the

Tuya Smart App.

NOTE: You can also control the fireplace settings using the included remote control or buttons on the fireplace, without WiFi.

To enable your WiFi Smart fireplace technology, Please download Smart Fireplace Guide Here.

This guide offers step by step instructions for:

Setting up the Tuya Smart app

Pairing your fireplace with the app

Adding your fireplace to your WiFi network

Using the app to control your fireplace settings