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Foyer électrique encastré intelligent Litedeer Latitude 55 po avec application - ZEF55V

Prix d'origine $2,199.00 - Prix d'origine $3,299.00
Prix d'origine $2,199.00
$2,199.00 - $3,299.00
Prix actuel $2,199.00
Taille: 45 pouces
Couleur: Le noir

Foyer électrique linéaire intelligent Latitude de 55 po de Litedeer Homes - ZEF55V, Noir

Foyer électrique linéaire intelligent Litedeer Homes Latitude de 55 pouces avec de superbes flammes visuelles. Cette cheminée électrique linéaire entièrement encastrée et encastrée est livrée avec un lit de braises transparent en bois flotté de galets naturels. Sons de combustion réglables et scintillement au charbon de bois. Tous les accessoires et télécommande inclus .

Foyer : L56 5/16" x H19" x P8"

Zone de visualisation : W54 5/8" x H16 3/4" x D8"


Flammes visuelles réalistes signées

Sons de combustion du bois réglables et étincelles de charbon de bois

Couleur de la flamme et intensité du média réglables

Toute l'année, profitez du charme et de l'ambiance de la flamme réaliste sans chaleur.

Galets naturels, bûches de bois flotté et télécommande inclus

Branchement direct 120V 1500w

Deux réglages de chaleur (faible et élevé) peuvent chauffer jusqu'à 400 pieds carrés

Certifié ETL et CETL

Assemblage par un adulte requis

Ventilation gratuite et protection contre la surchauffe

Entretien facile par accès frontal

Garantie limitée de deux ans

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Rick Stanhope
ZEF55V Smart Fireplace - A touch of elegance and warmth.

We are thrilled with our purchase of our ZEF55V Litedeer Electric Fireplace. From the moment we turned it on, it has transformed the ambiance of our living space. The realistic flame effect is mesmerizing and creates a cozy, warm atmosphere that rivals a traditional wood-burning fireplace, without any of the hassle or mess.

One of the features we love most is the adjustable heat settings. On cooler nights, it's perfect for providing just the right amount of warmth, and the ability to operate the flame effect without the heat means we can enjoy the cozy glow even during warmer months.

The design is sleek and modern, fitting seamlessly into our custom fireplace surround and mantel that we built. We also love the convenience of being able turn On/OFF and adjust the settings from the comfort of our couch by using either the Remote Control or the WiFi App.

Support has also been outstanding. We had a few questions related to installation and Joyce Tam (Litedeer Support) was very quick to
reply and address our inquiries.

Overall, this electric fireplace has exceeded my expectations. It's a beautiful, practical addition to our home, providing year-round enjoyment. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to enhance their living space with a touch of elegance and warmth.

Katrine Giang
Simple renovation added a new smart fireplace!

Simple home renovation, replaced with a new smart electric fireplace – so cozy!

Edward D.
Double the 5-Star Rating!!

For our anniversary, my spouse and I successfully acquired a fireplace. The cost was reasonable, and the fireplace's quality and worth were exceptional. The packaging ensured its safe delivery, devoid of any harm. The staff were remarkably accommodating and polite, making us feel like we've known them for ages. Without hesitation, I would engage in further transactions with them.

Elio Romero
Looks so classy and gives off some decent heat

The linear fireplace is truly stunning and exceeded our expectations. It was delivered promptly, and the in-home delivery team provided excellent service.

The installation process was relatively simple. The excitement of turning on the fireplace was comparable to the Rockefeller tree lighting.

We primarily use it for its powerful heat output, but even when we don't require the warmth, I turn it on simply for the ambiance.

The flames are incredibly realistic as long as you choose the appropriate setting.

Although it was a costly purchase, it was definitely worth the investment.


Looks very elegant. My family loves it.